And the music continues...

I have spent the better part of my life working on music in one capacity or another. This is not to be confused with working in music, as that would connote that I do this for a living. Oh, no. It's a passion, and because it's never paid my bills, it's not a living, but more a chance to use my writings to inspire, release or move others. I hope that you find songs within my catalogue that reach you directly; that testify on behalf of your emotions; that soothe or exhilerate your mood. A song can have many different meanings for every listener, but the only meaning that is important is yours.

As my website continually evolves, I plan to add a variety of material including songs I've written and played myself, songs performed with close friends, photos from life and poems and stories I've written over time. Creativity seems to come out in many ways, and I hope this site exhibits that in a way you all can relate to.

Welcome to my world - please enjoy your stay.


I truly enjoy performing for you. Over the last few years, I have been able to perform for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Midwest, and always try to bring all the energy I can to each of you. As my career evolves, I hope you will take this journey with me and enjoy the music as much as I do!

I've been enjoying playing with an old friend, Dave Uhrich in our band 97Nine. I was lucky enough to be asked to sing with this great group of musicians including drummer Michael Bragg and bassist Jeff Barker. These guys really rock, and have incredible talent. Be on the lookout for this band, playing all around the midwest!

Thanks to everyone who has visited my web site, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the new version when I get it up and running! Now, it's just a way to keep markodette.com alive...




Here's a promo video for 97Nine!

 Click Here to see it! 

97Nine at House of Blues


Having a blast singing for 97Nine! Come out an enjoy some great classic rock!



Look for my new CD VICARIOUS soon!


This website changes a lot. Check back soon for new stuff.

 As always, you can reach me at markodette@comcast.net.






Making everything I do possible requires the love and support from the most important people in my world: my best friend and wife Kelly and my sons Riley and Max. I love you more than I could ever express.